Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine Vol. 2 Review

Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine Vol. 2
Marvel Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
136 pages
ISBN: 9780785118831

Contributors: Chris Claremont, John Buscema, Marv Wolfman, Erik Larsen, Joe Rubinstein, and additional covers by John Byrne/ Bob Layton/ Bryan Hitch/ Rob Liefeld/ Kevin O'Neill & others.

Reprints: Marvel Comics Presents #38-50 (only the Wolverine stories), Marvel Age Annual #4 (preview story for Wolverine regular series)

Synopsis: 'Patch' goes to Hong Kong to investigate the death of a friend. Mysteriously an entire city block has been disintegrated and his friend perished in the tragedy.  While checking out the scene a shadowy, black creature begins wreaking havoc.  It eats a policeman and Patch tries to fight it, but is stopped by an incredible coldness within the creature itself.  Chased by the creature he is helped by a young woman named Mai.  She has survived the creature's previous attacks and is trying to stop it alongside several other rampage survivors.  Just as suddenly a white creature appears to oppose the black creature.  Their battle causes an immense feedback which caused the initial disintegration of the city block and then they disappear.  Patch joins up with Mai and her comrades to find the source of the creatures. 

In a second story Spider-Man happens upon the supposedly dead Wolverine hanging out on a rooftop.  He mistakes him for an impostor and picks a fight.  Soon they're reconciled and teaming up to stop a kidnapping by some evil mutants.  Spider-Man whines and Wolverine scratches on stuff, the end.

Pros: A couple decent covers, Erik Larsen's Spider-Man is amusing, rare reprint of Wolverine regular series preview

Cons: Buscema's and Larsen's art is a bit sloppy, Wolverine jumps in the ocean and catches a great white shark with his claws...seriously

Mike Tells It Straight: Both stories in this second volume are utterly craptastic with zero continuity value.  Strangely each one features an obscenely obese mutant villain.  Only the diehard Wolverine completist should bother getting this volume.  If you have the original comics burn them immediately.

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