Monday, March 22, 2010

DMZ Vol. 2 Body of a Journalist Review

DMZ Vol. 2 - Body of a Journalist
DC Comics - Vertigo
Softcover Trade Paperback
168 pages
ISBN: 9781401212476

Contributors: Brian Wood, Riccardo Burchielli, Kristian Donaldson, Jeromy Cox, Jared Fletcher, and introduction by D. Randall Blythe (from Lamb of God).

Reprints: DMZ #6-12

Synopsis: America is in the midst of its second civil war and the inhabitants of Manhattan Island are caught between the two opposing armies.  Matty Roth is the lone journalist reporting on life inside the DMZ (demilitarized zone) after being stranded one year ago on a failed journalistic expedition headed by Viktor Ferguson.  Liberty News sponsored the expedition and airs Matty's reports, although heavily edited for their pro-United States agenda.

Matty gets embroiled in negotiations between the USA/FSA as Viktor Ferguson (thought dead in the helicopter crash in the first volume) is revealed to be alive and in FSA custody.  We get our first real look at life before the war in Zee's origin.

Pros: Burchielli's art continues to be gritty and detailed, Wood's storytelling and handle on the characters improves

Cons: Filler issue by Wood with all of his notes/bios for the myriad characters, US military would assassinate Matty after the Ferguson affair (I would)

Mike Tells It Straight: Wood established the DMZ setting in the first volume and then gives us a merciless page-turner in this second volume.  Matty is trapped in the middle of a power struggle threatening to destroy the entire DMZ.  It is betrayal and double-dealing as Matty gets hung out to dry by his network sponsors.  You'll be hooked after this one!

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