Saturday, March 27, 2010

Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine Vol. 1 Review

Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine Vol. 1
Marvel Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
104 pages
ISBN: 9780785118268

Contributors: Chris Claremont, John Buscema, Klaus Janson, and additional covers by Walt Simonson/ John Romita Jr/ Charles Vess & others.

Reprints: Marvel Comics Presents #1-10 (only the Wolverine stories)

Synopsis: Madripoor is an island principality off the coast of Singapore where anything can be bought and the ultra-rich lord it over the poor.  Modern skyscrapers tower over slums in low town.  Life is a commodity with a typically meager price point.  It's the perfect place for Wolverine to spend some down time. 

He immediately becomes involved in a turf war between an up-and-coming crime boss and the established crimelord.  What link does the upstart have with the X-Men that catches Wolverine by surprise?  The crimelord hires some uniquely talented muscle to take down the outsider meddling in his affairs. 

Pros: Prelude to Wolverine regular series, introduces us to Madripoor, origin of Tyger Tiger, first Patch persona, cover to #2 is a seriously classic image of Wolverine

Cons: Razorfist is the main villain's primary muscle - a guy with big blades instead of hands and Wolverine has trouble fighting this guy?, first two MCP covers were good and the rest sucked, art in later issues gets a bit sloppy

Mike Tells It Straight: Essential reading as Madripoor, Tyger Tiger, and Patch were major plot points during the first 100 issues of Wolverine's regular series.  Claremont shaped Wolverine's character in X-Men and this story springs directly from those pages. The story is decently written, the art gets weaker by the end, and it filled in some major back story.  This edition is redundant if you're planning to purchase the Wolverine Omnibus since it's included in that volume.

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