Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Living with the Dead Review

Living with the Dead
Dark Horse Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
88 pages
$9.95 (2008)
ISBN 9781593079062

Contributors: Mike Richardson, Ben Stenbeck, Clem Robins, and covers by Richard Corben

Reprints: Living with the Dead #1-3 (of 3)

Synopsis: A zombie plague has destroyed society and the only humans left are those who can adapt to the new status quo - blending in with the undead and staying unnoticed.  Two such survivors are "Whip" and "Straw" who live together and watch each others backs.  They're also a two-person rock band playing incredibly loud and obnoxious music from their rooftop every night. 

During a foraging expedition they rescue an attractive young lady named Betty.  She throws a major wrench into the two bosom buddies' survival plans for obvious reasons (i.e. she could be the last living girl on the planet). Now it's two guys, a girl, and seven billion living dead!

Pros: Funny take on zombie apocalypse aftermath, covers by Corben, good ending

Cons: Very quick read, story has some holes - how is playing loud rock music from your rooftop not going to attract every nearby zombie right to your doorstep?

Mike Tells It Straight: This story is a light take on the old favorite 'zombie apocalypse' theme.  It's meant to be more comedy and less horror than your typical zombie tale (i.e. not taken too seriously).  Overall it was simple, quick and funny although a few of the plot points felt glaringly wrong.  I'd place this squarely in the middle of the pack for zombie stories.

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