Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Nail Review

The Nail
Dark Horse Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
96 pages
$14.95 (2005)
ISBN 9781593071738

Contributors: Steve Niles, Rob Zombie, Nat Jones, Jay Fotos, Nate Piekos, and Simon Bisley

Reprints: The Nail #1-4 (of 4)

Synopsis: Over-the-hill semi-pro wrestler Rex "The Nail" Hauser goes on a camping trip with his family, manager, and another wrestlin' buddy outside the scenic town of Devil's Hills.  Things take a turn for the horrific when they are beset by a legion of bikers-from-hell acting out a curse related to the Salem witch trials.  Their only hope is the badass-ness of Rex and his buddy along with a tourist book they pick up telling the story of the Devil's Hills.  Can Rex protect his family and survive the most unholy night of his life?

Pros: Opening scene of guy with girl at make-out point has great dialogue, nudity, covers by Bisley, likable characters and gruesome bad guys

Cons: One-dimensional story and characters, art is weak/unpolished, typos in issues 2 & 3

Mike Tells It Straight: Simple and straightforward horror movie fare from two master creators in the genre.  They deliver a creepy story with good characters and some nice moments.  The art is crude and the editor missed two glaring typos, but overall a successful effort for what it is - a gory slash-fest with demon/zombie monsters.  Take it at face value or not at all.

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