Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer Review

Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer
Slave Labor Graphics
Graphic Novel
128 pages
$10.95 (2009)
ISBN 9781593621766

Contributors: Van Jensen and Dusty Higgins

Synopsis: Pinocchio is a wooden puppet made from enchanted wood and lives with his maker, Gepetto.  One night Gepetto is attacked and killed by vampires as Pinocchio watches in horror.  He tells a lie and his growing nose impales a vampire killing it. 

It's been years since Gepetto's death and Pinocchio is a hardened (wood puppet) vampire slayer.  He seeks the vampires responsible for Gepetto's death and attempts to warn the town of the impending danger of the undead.  No one believes him as the undead descend upon the town.  Lies are told, stakes are thrown, vampires die in bloody flames - what unspeakable horror waits for Pinocchio when he uncovers Gepetto's chilling fate? 

Pros: Pinocchio tells a lie, then his nose grows and he breaks it off to stake a vampire - that's the only cool thing, but it gets old *sigh*
Cons: Black and white, art/writing are very poor, it's too long, corny

Mike Tells It Straight: Yeah, I expected this book to be pretty bad after taking one look at the cover - it didn't disappoint.  The art and writing were weak, the story was too long, and the creators tried to validate their story by basing it on the original Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.  What's worse - there's a sequel.  Do not succumb to curiosity.

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