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Black Adam: The Dark Age Trade Paperback Review

Black Adam: The Dark Age
DC Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
144 pages
$17.99 (2008)
ISBN 9781401217860

Contributors: Peter Tomasi, Doug Mahnke, Norm Rapmund, Christian Alamy, Nathan Eyring, Nick Napolitano, and variant cover to #1 (and TPB) by Alex Ross

Reprints: Black Adam: The Dark Age #1-6 (of 6)

Synopsis: Following the catastrophic events of 52 and World War III comes the further adventures of the most-hated man on Earth - Black Adam!  After the death of the Black Marvel Family, Adam went on a mass-murdering rampage through Bialya and battled the world's heroes across the globe.  He was ultimately defeated by Captain Marvel who reset his magic word and left him in his human form - Teth Adam.

Will he end up like this?
Adam is now fugitive without powers, seemingly not without allies.  His mission is to resurrect his one true love - Isis!  She fell to one of the Four Horsemen loosed during the events of 52.  He will scour the globe searching for a way to bring her back to life and let nothing stand in his way.  A constant target of assassins, authorities, and heroes - Adam doesn't care who is sacrificed for lost love and knows no mercy.  His will is insurmountable, but what is his new magic word!?  Can a mere mortal prevail against the entire world? 

Pros: Great art by Mahnke, nice writing by Tomasi, interesting plot twists

Cons: Somewhat predictable, a few plot holes

Mike Tells It Straight: Everything you would expect and hope for a Black Adam follow-up to the conclusion of 52 and World War III - needless to say you must read one or both of these previous books in order to fully enjoy/comprehend events in this book. 

Great job by Tomasi and Mahnke - skillful writing and art.  A few surprises, some predictable parts, and a decent ending.  Black Adam has grown into a formidable character in the DCU under the guidance of Geoff Johns (JSA) and Tomasi handles him expertly. 

I always like a good story starring a villain with some depth and examining their motivations.  This book is a solid read and recommended, especially if you enjoyed 52.

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