Thursday, August 5, 2010

DC/Marvel Crossover Classics IV Review

DC/Marvel: Crossover Classics Vol. 4
DC Comics/Marvel Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
224 pages
ISBN 761941240213

Contributors: Ron Marz, Darryl Banks, Terry Austin, Chris Eliopoulos, John Byrne, Rick Taylor, J.M. DeMatteis, Graham Nolan, Karl Kesel, John Costanza, Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert, Greg Wright, Bill Oakley, Alex Ross, and Ed McGuinness

Reprints: Green Lantern/Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances, Darkseid/Galactus: The Hunger, Batman & Spider-Man, and Superman/Fantastic Four

Synopsis: Collecting another round of DC/Marvel crossovers:
  • The Silver Surfer encounters a planet destroyed by the Cyborg [Superman].  They battle and Parallax appears to help defeat the threat.  On Earth Kyle Rayner fights Terrax and is aided by Thanos.  Both heroes are convinced to lend their power to the new strangers for a seemingly beneficial end.  We know both Parallax and Thanos are the last entities in the universe who should receive more power, but our naive heroes must learn the hard way!
  • Galactus the Devourer selects Apokolips for his next feast!  Darkseid defends his home from the most fearsome attacker yet.  How will he repel an undeniable force in the universe and will New Genesis allow their destruction?  The Silver Surfer heralds his master's arrival and Orion joins the fray for a showdown we never thought we'd see!
  • Ra's Al Ghul continues his plan for worldwide purification in order to save the human race from itself.  His daughter Talia visits New York to enlist the cooperation of the Kingpin of Crime.  Batman follows and quickly meets up with our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.  Talia informs Wilson Fisk of The Demon's next target - NYC!  Ra's offers the one thing Fisk cannot refuse - a cure for his wife Vanessa's cancer.  The Caped Crusader and Spidey join forces for the second time to save the city.
  • Galactus observes the final moments of a dying planet along with the tiny spacecraft carrying the sole survivor rocketing toward Earth.  The survivor is Superman and in the present time he discovers a link between the death of Krypton and the World Devourer.  He travels across dimensions to visit the Fantastic Four.  The Cyborg Superman tags along and assaults the Four in order to gain access to the wonderful technology of Galactus.  When the real thing appears on Earth he chooses a new herald -- Superman!  Can the FF possibly defeat a cosmic-powered Superman in thrall to Galactus
Pros: Byrne's work on Darkseid/Galactus, painted cover by Alex Ross over Jurgens' pencils on Superman/FF, inks by Thibert

Cons: Weak cover by McGuinness, art by Banks/Nolan/Jurgens

Mike Tells It Straight: Four separate tales with varying degrees of quality.  An absolute classic is the Byrne tale of Galactus attempting to devour Apokolips -- his obvious love and understanding of the characters shines through in every page.  The other three stories are not very well crafted or memorable.  Only the Superman/FF story has any redeeming qualities with Supes becoming herald to Galactus and the Ross cover.  If price is an issue or you're looking for quality stories - just buy the one-shot by Byrne and skip the rest.

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