Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wolverine Origins Vol. 1 Born in Blood Trade Paperback Review

Wolverine: Origins Vol. 1 - Born in Blood
Marvel Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
128 pages
ISBN 9780785122876

Contributors: Daniel Way, Steve Dillon, Joe Quesada, Michael Turner, Dan Kemp, and Richard Isanove

Reprints: Wolverine: Origins #1-5

Synopsis: Wolverine has regained his lost memories and finally remembers he wants revenge!  He goes straight to the top and stages a daring infiltration of the White House, but his presence triggers a Shiva robot to intervene.  Wolverine has made someone nervous and they reactivate Nuke to take him down. 

The two battle, but it's really a one-sided contest.  We get a glimpse into Wolverine's involvement in Nuke's origin.  Captain America shows up to halt his rampage along with several X-Men.  Emma Frost is among them and probes Wolverine's mind revealing a startling secret -- he has a son!

Pros: Covers by Quesada (except the flag-face one), Way's plot twists, Captain America vs. Wolverine, includes all the variant covers

Cons: No-prize alert -- Way writes Cyclops' optic beams as hot, but they're not (unless it just got retconned), Dillon's art doesn't mesh well with flamboyant superheroics

Mike Tells It Straight: The return of Wolverine's memories reestablished one of the character's most endearing traits from his early days -- that of the failed samurai filled with shame and regret.  Way writes a complex story, but Dillon's art is too straightforward.  The chance to see Wolverine's sordid past may be too much to pass up.

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