Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Punisher War Journal Vol. 2 Goin' Out West Review

Punisher War Journal Vol. 2 - Goin' Out West
Marvel Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
168 pages
ISBN 9780785126362

Contributors: Matt Fraction, Ariel Olivetti, and Leandro Fernandez

Reprints: Punisher War Journal (2007) #5-11

Synopsis: The world reels at the news of Captain America's assassination.  Frank Castle heads to the US-Mexican border to investigate a deadly militia terrorizing immigrants on both sides.  He discovers the Hate-Monger has designed a Captain America-inspired uniform and Frank designs his own to honor the fallen Steve Rogers.  Severely outnumbered does the new "Captain America" stand a chance?

Meanwhile G.W. Bridge is still hot on the Punisher's trail.  A certain Winter Soldier with ties to the original Captain America investigates the rumors of a new Cap.

Pros: Olivetti's art evolves a bit as he includes more real-world photographs, Fraction does a good job pacing the story, one page of sketchbook material

Cons: Art by Fernandez is pathetic on issue #11, Punisher interacting with other heroes/villains still doesn't quite work

Mike Tells It Straight: Fraction milks the idea of the Punisher becoming the next Captain America surprisingly well here.  His Punisher takes a slightly more serious turn in this storyline.  It's a somewhat enjoyable read and a lot of effort obviously went into it, but ultimately it's just another "Frank Castle infiltrates a gang/militia to take it down from the inside" story.  Pass.

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