Saturday, July 24, 2010

Superman Versus The Terminator: Death to the Future Review

Superman Versus The Terminator: Death to the Future
Dark Horse Comics/DC Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
96 pages
ISBN 9781569714768

Contributors: Alan Grant, Steve Pugh, and David Stewart

Reprints: Superman Versus The Terminator: Death to the Future #1-4 (of 4)

Synopsis: In the modern day Sarah and young John Connor are passing through Metropolis when they are attacked by a Terminator.  Superman intervenes and rescues them, but the Terminators remains are discovered by the Cyborg.  He wants to help bring about the future where the machines rule and mankind is destroyed. 

Meanwhile more Terminators with increasingly enhanced weaponry are appearing in the present.  During a battle Superman is transported to the future where he meets Steel, who has joined up with John Connor's forces.  Superman and Steel take on Skynet to save the human race. 

In the past, Superboy and Supergirl battle a seemingly endless flow of Terminators.  They enlist Lex Luthor's help and he actually agrees because he *shock* gives a crap about humanity! 

Pros: Nice painted covers by Pugh

Cons: Story is weak, no real sense of danger (no characters die), surprisingly boring

Mike Tells It Straight: This crossover fails miserably.  Alan Grant wrote a lot of really mediocre Batman stories and he drops the ball here too.  The Terminators are pathetic and Superman/boy/girl dispath them with ease.  I can't believe Grant missed the opportunity to kill off major characters (like the Justice League or even Superman's supporting cast) in a time-travel story where you can change the present and reverse all the deaths.  I have to believe the editors and corporate gave him strict guidelines forcing him to write this terrible story.  He even left it open for a sequel.  "Death to the Sequel!"

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