Sunday, June 27, 2010

Batman: Manbat Review

Batman: Manbat
DC Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
160 pages
ISBN 9781563893209

Contributors: Jamie Delano and John Bolton

Reprints: Batman: Manbat #1-3 (of 3)

Synopsis: Marilyn Munro is a guerilla reporter for activist group "Video Witness" on a mission to expose Edencorp's corrupt animal testing.  She and partner Mac break into a facility in Northern Arizona bearing witness to horrific genetic experiments on helpless animals.  During the break-in Marilyn boosts a vial and subsequently becomes stranded in the desert after crash-landing her hyperlite.  She stumbles upon the lair of Kirk Langstrom, the Manbat and his family of half-bat/half-humans. 

Batman is called in to get the vial back before a deadly, man-made plague is released to destroy civilization.  The problem is Kirk Langstrom has been trying to create a new species of bat-people to inherit the Earth and the arrival of a plague to wipe out humanity is most fortuitous. 

Pros: Great story by Delano with a unique vision of Batman and Manbat, very nice painted artwork by Bolton

Cons: Art was a bit inconsistent at times

Mike Tells It Straight: I think Delano originally wrote a "continuity" Batman/Manbat tale, but his Batman was just different enough to prompt an Elseworlds label.  Batman does a few things which don't sit well with the reader 1) consorting with corporate and government officials who are obviously corrupt (granted it's to prevent the release of a plague) and 2) he kills someone in the story.  Despite that Delano's portrayal of Batman was really amusing along with Marilyn the environmentalist.  I loved how Delano painted them both as hypocrites by the end of the tale.  This book was enjoyable and probably the best Manbat story out there (that I've read).

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