Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wolverine: Old Man Logan Hardcover Review

Wolverine: Old Man Logan
Marvel Comics
Oversized Hardcover
224 pages
ISBN 9780785131595

Contributors: Mark Millar and Steve McNiven

Reprints: Wolverine (2003) #66-72; Giant-Size Old Man Logan #1

Synopsis: The day the villains united the heroes fell.  Most died, but Wolverine survived the tragic event although his spirit was forever broken.  The man Logan continues, but the Wolverine is no more.  He lives out his days as a pacifist farmer with his family.  Their meager plot of land is rented from the Hulk Gang -- the in-bred offspring of Bruce Banner and rulers of the West Coast.  The rent is due and the punishment for not paying is death.

In order to save his family and pay the rent Logan accompanies the now-blind archer Hawkeye across the desolate Amerika -- a land carved up and controlled by the villains.  Can a man sworn never to pop his claws in anger protect his family in this brutal world? 

Pros: McNiven's art is spectacular, Millar's story is brutal with some major twists (fate of the X-Men is particularly harsh), includes all variant covers and sketchbook

Cons: Plot was a little too simple (kind of like the Hulk Gang), what happened to Wolverine's slow aging?

Mike Tells It Straight:  I read this book in a single sitting and it was a page-turner.  Not ground-breaking, but Millar and McNiven create a compelling genre-fusion tale.  I love a good dystopian future (like Hulk: Future Imperfect) and this story delivers.  A couple plot points are suspect and there's a lot of suspended disbelief here, but they nail Wolverine's character and motivation.  It's a worthy entry into the Wolverine mythos although possibly too heavy for hardcore traditionalists. 


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