Saturday, June 12, 2010

Superman: Escape From Bizarro World Hardcover Review

Superman: Escape From Bizarro World
DC Comics
160 pages
ISBN 9781401217945

Contributors: Geoff Johns, Eric Powell, Richard Donner, Dave Stewart, and introduction by Brian Vaughan

Reprints: Action Comics #855-857, Superman #140, DC Comics Presents #71, and The Man of Steel #5 (of 6)

Synopsis: Pa Kent is kidnapped by Bizarro and taken to Bizarro World: a planetoid Bizarro created and populated with Bizarros through alternate powers granted to him under a blue sun.  Superman must rescue his Pa from the clutches of the mis-guided Bizarro.  Standing in his way are Bizarro versions of Lex Luthor, Doomsday, and the Justice League. 

Pros: Powell's art and Stewart's colors are amazing, perfect execution of a great idea, blue sun and alternate powers was a neat idea

Cons: Expensive price considering half the book is older reprints, actual story is too short at only three issues, campy

Mike Tells It Straight: An ode to the silver age Bizarro World tales this story is a quick, well-done monster-comedy.  Bizarro is portrayed here as a misguided simpleton who is not truly evil, but possesses vast and dangerous powers.  My only real gripe is the short length of the story at a meager three issues and the fact they used older reprints as filler to justify the price tag.  Expensive, but good.

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