Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness Hardcover Review

Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness
Marvel Comics/Dynamite Entertainment
Oversized Hardcover
128 pages
$19.99 (2007)
$15.99 (2009) TPB
ISBN 9780785127437

Contributors: John Layman, Fernando Blanco, Fabiano Neves, Sean Phillips, June Chung, Randy Gentile, Rus Wooton, Arthur Suydam and Robert Kirkman consulting

Reprints: Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness #1-5 (of 5)

Synopsis: Ash is possessed by the Deadites and his soul wanders to heaven, but things don't go so well (like his chainsaw hand does something really bad) and he's sent back to the physical plane - to the world of the Marvel Zombies!  The super zombie plague hasn't yet appeared and Ash tries to get help from the Avengers.  They blow him off as a crazy and then a flash of light appears in the sky.  It's not long before super zombies are roaming the street eating people and Ash is stuck in the middle.  He hooks up with the uninfected super-hotties Scarlet Witch and Dazzler to find a cure for the plague. 

Ash is convinced the zombies are Deadites with the only hope of stopping them being the Necronomicon.  Too bad Doctor Doom has it and he's not known for charity.  Now Ash has to get the book and hopefully get double-teamed by a pair of super-babes after saving the world.  Ashley J. Williams' luck is worse than the return policy at S-Mart and you know how this is going to end!

Pros: Great zombie covers by Suydam, amusing story, always cool to see Ash from Evil Dead (hey, at least he doesn't age or get overweight in the comics), nice oversized hardcover w/dustjacket

Cons: Interior art is kinda weak, same old Evil Dead and Army of Darkness jokes

Mike Tells It Straight: This book is a great installment into the Marvel Zombies saga and ranks right after the first mini-series IMHO.  It helps Kirkman was a consultant for the plot and the events are happening right along with the original series.  The covers by Suydam are seriously awesome with little Ash cameos to add that something extra.  If you liked the first book then you'll probably like this one (definitely read the first one before this story).  I wish they included Army of Darkness #13 with the events leading up to Ash's appearance in the MZ universe.

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