Thursday, October 6, 2011

Abraxas and the Earthman Review

Abraxas and the Earthman
King Hell Press
Softcover Trade Paperback
88 pages
$16.95 (2006)
ISBN 9780962486487

Contributors: Rick Veitch

Reprints: Epic Illustrated #10-17

Synopsis: John Isaac is stationed on a nuclear submarine and researching whale songs.  The sub is attacked and scuttled by a giant squid creature which suddenly lifts off into space!  Isaac and Falco, the sub's commander, are the only survivors and become captives on the organic starship (which looks like a giant tree) of Captain Rotwang.  He leads a motley crew of interstellar whalers and is obsessed with finding the greatest space whale in history - the red behemoth Abraxas!

On a previous expedition Rotwang lost a leg to the great whale and has vowed revenge no matter how many fall in his mad quest.  His plan for Isaac is to have the Xlexu surgeons (giant preying mantises) merge the two hemispheres of his brain granting him vast psychic abilities and therefore able to track the whale from across the galaxy.  What secret prophecy do the surgeons know about humans and the mighty whale Abraxas that can change the universe forever?

Pros: Some neat concepts and oddly compelling characters, reading it feels like being on hallucinogens, a cheetah with a woman's head and six boobs, a new definition for stripped, giant alien nymphomaniacs, Veitch accomplished this entire story by himself! - probably on hallucinogens the whole time

Cons: Since this is based on Moby Dick we pretty much know how it ends, pricey at only 88 pages (but where else will you find it), weird - very, very weird

Mike Tells It Straight: Veitch takes Moby Dick by Melville and turns it into the most bizarre metaphysical science fiction adventure ever.  It's psychedelic and mind-altering, but totally entertaining and has that nostalgic 1980s feel (because it was first published back then).  If you liked Buckaroo Banzai, Logan's RunIce Pirates, or anything by Terry Gilliam then you'll feel right at home.

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