Thursday, October 27, 2011

100% True? Review

100% True?
DC Comics - Paradox Press
64/ea. = 128 pages
$3.50/ea. = $7.00
ISBN 761941208268

Published: 100% True? #1-2 (of 2)

Contributors: Gahan Wilson, Frank Quitely, Russ Heath, Lennie Mace, Steve Dillon, Bronwyn Carter, Joe Orlando, Doug Moench, Robin Smith, Rick Geary, Carl Posey, Mike Zeck, Danny Hellman, Graham Higgins, Rick Parker, Feliks Dobrin, Charlie Adlard, Nancy Collins, Bill Alger, and others.

Reprints: Story excerpts from The Big Book of Death/Weirdos/Conspiracies/Freaks/Little Criminals/Losers

Synopsis: Bizarre events happen every day which no one can explain, strange people or creatures are born all across the world, tragic events are caused by clandestine organizations, and wicked minds run rampant in this chronicle of the fantastic.  From the Elephant Man to the electric chair and JFK's assassination - judge for yourself whether the stories are 100% true?

Pros: Quitely's Elephant Man story is the only worthwhile piece in the bunch

Cons: Black and white, most of the art is terrible, writing is weak (bad pulp)

Mike Tells It Straight: It's a greatest hits version of "The Big Book of..." series.  The writing and art is 98% bad (even Steve Dillon's art sucked).  Judge this book by it's cover and don't believe the hype.