Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spider-Man: Breakout Review

Spider-Man: Breakout
Marvel Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
120 pages
ISBN 9780785118077

Contributors: Tony Bedard, Manuel Garcia, Raul Fernandez, Cory Petit, Chris Sotomayor, and Mike Deodato

Reprints: Spider-Man: Breakout #1-5 (of 5)

Synopsis: Two years ago at the Vault an escape plan was thwarted by Rozalyn Backus, program administrator, setting Crossfire and Vector of the U-Foes at odds.  Fast forward to the present and the massive breakout at the Raft during New Avengers #1 dumps a slew of escaped criminals into New York.  Two groups led by Crossfire and Vector are on a collision course to get revenge on Backus.

Spider-Man helped Captain America during the initial breakout and heads into the city alone to pursue more criminals.  Can he possibly stop the two groups from getting their revenge and how many innocent bystanders will be caught in the crossfire?

Pros: Bedard gives the villains more personality and sets up a complex story

Cons: Art is a little inconsistent, lots of characters and not many explanations, New Avengers #1 is essential to understanding what is fully going on here

Mike Tells It Straight: This book is barely a side story to the first New Avengers arc and doesn't expand on those events in the slightest.  Continuity relevance aside we get a deep look into the motivations of the villains in this story - a welcome trend in recent years.  Spidey barely even registers here as the criminals take center stage and the ending is a bit unsatisfying.  Interesting, but not highly recommended.

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