Thursday, October 21, 2010

Iron Man: Doomquest Premiere Hardcover Review

Iron Man: Doomquest
Marvel Comics
Hardcover - Premiere Edition
144 pages
$19.99 (2008)
ISBN 9780785128342

Contributors: David Michelinie, Bob Layton, and John Romita Jr.

Reprints: Iron Man #149-150, 249-250

Synopsis: Two powerful men encased in armor collide in a most unexpected way.  Dr. Doom seeks to save the soul of his mother and attempts to master the arcane arts from sorcerers throughout time.  He must assemble a time machine and steals vital parts from Stark Industries.  Iron Man confronts Doom and they are thrown into the past - to the time of King Arthur!  Iron Man joins Arthur and Doom sides with Morgan Le Fey to learn her secrets.  Good triumphs in the battle causing Le Fey to flee and the two foes must form an uneasy alliance in order to return to their proper time.

Fast forward several years when both Iron Man and Doom investigate a mysterious artifact that appears before them.  They are mystically transported to the year 2093 where Merlin enlists their aid to save the realm once more.  Arthur has been resurrected, but into the body of a child and unable to confront the doomsday weapon threatening the world.  Tony Stark battles his misguided descendant Arnos Stark, while Doom faces his future self - an evil being more machine than man. 

Pros: Beautiful hardcover edition, introduction by David Michelinie, interesting match-up between two armored super-scientists

Cons: Not much extras - just an unused cover and cover to original trade paperback, only four issues, art is just decent

Mike Tells It Straight: These two Stark/Doom confrontations are classic Marvel reading.  Although the characters of Arthur, Merlin, and Morgan Le Fey are only plot devices with little to no action.  The Marvel Premiere Editions are absolutely gorgeous - great paper and covers.  Both stories are a bit corny at times (in the past Le Fey raises an army of the dead a la Army of Darkness - in the future Iron Man buys his parts at Radio Shack), but they deliver on the characterization of both leads.  The battle with Iron Man 2093 and Doom's interaction with his possible future self are worthy.

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