Monday, October 18, 2010

Barnes and Noble FINAL Update

The FINAL update on the Barnes & Noble price glitch does not have a happy ending.  Only one "live" book remained of my pre-orders - X-Men: Inferno Crossovers hardcover (MSRP $75.00) originally scheduled to ship in June 2010, but pushed back to August. 

B&N charged my card (approx. $12) on file in June ten days prior to the original expected release date - then refunded it when the date was moved to August.  Ten days before the August release date B&N did the same thing, but this time the card on file didn't go through (it was linked to my Paypal account which didn't have any funds in it at the time).  They subsequently emailed to inform me my pre-order was cancelled.  Noooooo! 

The B&N price glitch had a higher markdown ratio compared to the Amazon glitch (69% vs. 60%), but the books received weren't as high on my want-list.  It was still a historic event and I was better prepared (more savvy) after the Amazon incident.  Respect to the Bleeding Cool website for making the B&N glitch news available for this fan to capitalize on.