Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trinity Trade Paperback Review - Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity
DC Comics
208 Pages
$24.95 (2004) Hardcover
$17.99 (2005) Trade Paperback
ISBN 1401201873

Contributors: Matt Wagner, Dave Stewart, Sean Konot, and introduction by Brad Meltzer

Reprints: Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity #1-3 (of 3)

Synopsis: Batman and Superman meet Wonder Woman for the first time while investigating a terror plot by Ra's Al Ghul.  The Demon has two unexpected allies on his side -- Bizarro and Artemis.

The three fledgling heroes must learn to work together in order to stop the crafty old villain.  One false step could mean disaster against these deadly foes.  Each hero's philosophy differs greatly from the other - Batman's cold vengeance, Superman's seeming naivete, and Wonder Woman's warrior spirit.

Pros: Matt Wagner hits the mark with cohesive storytelling and art, the DCU’s Big Three are represented faithfully, Wagner’s writing prowess shows with unique takes on each characters powers/personality, great takes on two classic villains (Bizarro and Ra’s Al Ghul), mature (rape is mentioned), and extras include original covers and sketchbook

Cons: The Big Three are the most difficult to write due to the enormous volume of work by previous contributors, some of the scenes were a bit dubious (Batman being overwhelmed by emotion), and some confusing character development (Artemis)

Mike Tells It Straight: If you like the Big Three from DC (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) then you’ll love this book. Matt Wagner’s take on the characters is faithful and unique to give readers a worthwhile read. Will this book change the characters forever? Hell no, but it’s a great story to fill a gap in continuity for Superman's and Batman's first meeting with Wonder Woman.

TO BUY and Recommendations: Trinity Vol. 1 Trinity Vol. 2 Trinity Vol. 3