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Majestic Vol. 3 The Final Cut Trade Paperback Review

Majestic Vol. 3 The Final Cut
DC Comics - Wildstorm
128 pages
$14.99 (2007)
ISBN 9781401212117

Contributors: Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Bruce Jones, Neil Googe, Josh Middleton, Diego Olmos, Kevin West, Javi Bit, Dan Davis, Philip Moy, Wildstorm FX, Carrie Strachan, Phil Balsman, Pat Brosseau, and Jared Fletcher

Reprints: Majestic #13-17 (of 17), Wildstorm Winter Special (2005)

Synopsis: Majestros is a Kherubim warlord who came to Earth millennia ago while fighting an interstellar war with another alien race called the Daemonites.  Immensely powerful, he is the pinnacle of Kherubim physiology, mental prowess, and technology.  In modern times Majestros has assumed the guise of a superhero and calls himself Mr. Majestic.  The war with the Daemonites has ended, but Majestic remains on Earth to protect his adopted planet.

The battle heats up, but whose side is Helpsont on?
Majestic teamed up with his old partner Desmond (a genius-level tech geek) and Zealot to discover a secret cache of Kherubim technology hidden deep in the Earth.  It predates his arrival and includes a fully functional planet-shaper core.  The core is a hot commodity drawing Helspont into the open and even an envoy from Khera led by Majestic's old friend Javen.  Majestic, Zealot and Helspont learn the dark secret of the Kherubim species and its link to life on Earth.

Javen explains the situation to Majestic and wants to enlist his aid in bringing the core back to Khera.  He possesses a silver tongue and is an old friend, but can Majestic really trust him?  Meanwhile Zealot locates Savant just in time to confront another Kherubim warlord - Imperator!  He is teamed with Zealot's mother from the Coda and the pair have designs on the planet-shaper core as well.  Can Majestic fight off Helspont and a rival Kherubim warlord?

Pros: Very exciting storyline to close the Majestic series, revelations about the relationship between Zealot and Savant (with a cool backup story), Neil Googe's art looks great, unique finish to the series

Cons: Several artists work on different issues (Googe only does about half the issues and not the final one) with varying art styles (from good to not so good), poor Desmond really gets mistreated in this series, a few highly convenient plot resolutions, font size used for Desmond's dialogue bubbles is too small
Does Majestic really die at the end?

Mike Tells it Straight: Abnett and Lanning bring their Majestic series to a close with this final explosive story arc.  A major revelation drops concerning Zealot and Savant's origins amid the chaos.  Helspont is put back in major league baddie status and Majestic has to take on an equally powerful Kherubim warlord named Imperator.  The writers do a great job with pacing and ending each issue on a cliffhanger note.  Googe's art was the highlight for visuals, but he's only around for half the issues and not the final one.  The other artists are competent, but not nearly as polished.

Majestic faces one final threat with the world hanging in the balance.  The series reaches its inevitable conclusion and I liked how the writers tie everything up.  I guess all of the events here get retconned away in DC Comics New 52 version of Majestic which is a shame.  You don't really need a Majestic when you already have a Superman.  I enjoyed this series and Abnett/Lanning turned Majestic into a great alternative to the classic superhero with some good sci-fi stories.

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