Friday, December 16, 2011

Bad Girls Trade Paperback Review

Bad Girls
DC Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
128 pages
$14.99 (2009)
ISBN 9781401223595

Contributors: Steve Vance, Jennifer Graves, Christine Norrie, J. Bone, Daniel Krall, Lee Loughridge, Kurt Hathaway, and covers by Darwyn Cooke

Reprints: Bad Girls #1-5 (of 5)

Synopsis: Lauren is the new girl at San Narciso high school and she's having a hard enough time trying to fit in, but then the evil popular girls  get superpowers!  The wicked little tramps abuse their powers by partying and shopping.  Can Lauren and school nerd Ronald stop their dastardly plans? 

Pros: Artwork by Graves and Norrie is pretty good, Vance's writing is decent (until the end), Lauren's character is believable as she battles with her desire to be popular vs. doing the right thing

Cons: Couple typos with name of town - Narcisco instead of Narciso (weird name anyway), ending is too convenient/abrupt, cliched 'new girl in school' story

Mike Tells It Straight: This book never quite achieved its full potential.  We've all seen a thousand variations on the 'new girl in school' story and this one adds superpowers to the mix.  It's a cute story and apparently meant for younger/girl readers.  I gave it a shot and was surprised at the quality, but the ending killed it for me.  It felt rushed and silly (would have been perfect for a cartoon).  I'll relegate this to potential gift status for nieces and nephews, but not intended for mature audiences.

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