Friday, August 12, 2011

We3 Review

DC Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
104 pages
$12.99 (2005)
$24.99 (2011) Hardcover
ISBN 9781401204952

Contributors: Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant, and Todd Klein

Reprints: We3 #1-3 (of 3)

Synopsis: Lost pets are transformed into deadly cybernetic killing machines for secret US military testing.  The most successful group of test subjects, dubbed "We3" are a trio of dog, cat, and rabbit.  Their cybernetic enhancements give them advanced cognitive abilities like limited speech and weapons to complement their natural traits - the cat has powerful claws, the rabbit "poops" pellet-like land mines, and the dog has a powerful tail pulse cannon.

Funded through off-the-books money by a senator up for reelection and meant to replace human combatants in warfare - We3 are decommissioned and Weapon 4 (a cybernetically enhanced bulldog) is green-lighted for mass production.  The scientist in charge of We3 is tasked with their disposal, but has grown attached to them and believes they deserve a better fate.  She allows their escape and the head scientists and US military must stop the powerful weapons before they enter a nearby densely populated city. 

Pros: Stunning art by Quitely, great writing/concept by Morrison, nominated for an Eisner award - best limited series

Cons: Ending is less believable/too nice, quick read

Mike Tells It Straight: This ain't no Homeward Bound because these animals can blow your face off. Morrison's story is well-balanced and has a good anti-cruelty to animals message.  Quitely raises the bar on his art with intricate action sequences meant to mimic pacing found in Japanese manga.  Overall a quirky, interesting read and very well done.  Not recommended for the kiddies due to the gory violence and despite the cute animal heads poking out of the cyberdeath machines.  Deluxe hardcover released this year (2011) with lots of extras.

UPDATE 8/17/2011

The We3 hardcover edition has been released with a ton of extras including:
  • Tons of sketches
  • Ten extra story pages
    • Background on Dr. Roseanne Berry's life including revelation of a recent loss in her life
    • Expanded fights scene with Weapon 4 (bulldog) vs. Weapon 3 (rabbit)
    • Dog and cat realize cybernetic devices are not part of them and take them off

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