Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Full Moon Fever Review

Full Moon Fever
AiT/Planet Lar
Softcover Graphic Novel
88 pages
$12.95 (2005)
ISBN 9781932051353

Contributors: Joe Casey, Caleb Gerard, and Damian Couceiro

Synopsis: A routine trip to the Intercorp station on the moon by a waste disposal unit (space plumbers) goes awry as the team discovers the station in complete disarray with no crew in sight.  Zeke Kirby dreamed of being an astronaut, but found out some astronaut jobs aren't very glamorous.  It pays the bills, but he misses his daughter and ex-wife during the lengthy cleaning missions. 

Now the team must uncover what happened on the station before falling prey to the same disaster.  What happens when full moon fever takes an extreme turn?

Pros: Werewolves on the moon - haven't you ever wondered?

Cons: Black and white, story is incredibly predictable, art is mediocre

Mike Tells It Straight: This story can only be described as a b-movie attempt with a d-movie result.  It borrows heavily from Ridley Scott's Aliens and mixes in Universal Studio's werewolf, but the resulting story is predictable and bland.  Sadly, this kind of crap movie is playing on the Sci-Fi channel 24/7.  At least now we know what a movie about werewolves on the moon would be - terrible.

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