Saturday, June 4, 2011

Switchblade Honey Review

Switchblade Honey
AiT/Planet Lar
Softcover Graphic Novel
88 pages
$9.95 (2003)
ISBN 9781932051131

Contributors: Warren Ellis, Brandon McKinney, and Ryan Yount

Synopsis: Humanity has achieved interstellar travel and subsequently pissed off the first alien race with which they come into contact. The Chasta are waging a war of annihilation against a space navy full of pompous asses.

John Ryder is a brilliant and resourceful captain trapped amid the ludicrous bureaucracy of the space navy. He disobeys a commanding officer and gets sent to naval prison. Sadly, the war against the Chasta is going tits up and a rogue admiral frees Ryder to become a guerrilla fighter. He is given a ship and a rag-tag crew of misfits as a last ditch effort to save humanity, but are they even worth saving?

Pros: Mature and funny take on Star Trek theme, some good sci-fi concepts

Cons: Lightning quick read and somewhat juvenile, plot has a few holes

Mike Tells It Straight: If you're looking for your Warren Ellis fix then this brief graphic novel will hit the spot. It's a simple sci-fi tale which bites off Star Trek with over-the-top satire and finishes with a nice moral to the story. Amusing, but mostly forgettable.

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