Monday, May 17, 2010

Superman and Batman Versus Aliens and Predator Review

Superman and Batman Versus Aliens and Predator
DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
112 pages
ISBN 9781401213282

Contributors: Mark Shultz, Ariel Olivetti, and Todd Klein

Reprints: Superman and Batman Versus Aliens and Predator #1-2 (of 2)

Synopsis: A volcano is erupting in South America and two ancient horrors are coming to the surface.  Batman glimpses optical camouflage at a crime scene and investigates an old foe.  Superman and Lois go on a much-needed vacation to uncover the story behind missing mountain climbers.  Both heroes have encountered the two deadliest species in the galaxy and barely lived to tell the tale.  They uncover a secret spanning many thousands of years and predating the dawn of man. 

The Terrestrial Defense Initiative (TDI) is charged with destroying any known Predators on the planet.  Now our two heroes must deal with an explosive situation before the TDI explodes the volcano with nuclear missiles!

Pros: Olivetti's art style is lush and modern, he uses computer graphics for color enhancement and adding photorealistic touches to backgrounds

Cons: Terrible story, it felt like the heroes and their cast were never in any real danger among the Aliens and Predators

Mike Tells It Straight: Mark Shultz should never be allowed near any of these characters ever again.  It's true you can have too much of a good thing.  While the individual meetings of Superman/Batman and Aliens/Predator were decent stories (all right, only the initial meetings were good) this one proved too much to handle for the creative team.

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