Monday, April 19, 2010

The Spectacular Spider-Man: Here There Be Monsters Review

The Spectacular Spider-Man: Here There Be Monsters
Marvel Comics
Softcover Trade Paperback
112 pages
ISBN 9780785113331

Contributors: Paul Jenkins, Damion Scott, Paolo Rivera, and Rob Campanella

Reprints: The Spectacular Spider-Man (2003) #11-14

Synopsis: Curt Connors is still recovering from the tragic loss of his wife to cancer.  He's trying to take care of his son, but still battling guilt over not being able to save her life.  It's difficult enough for a one-armed man to function in society, but this man has a monster just waiting to be get out.

Connors' attempt to land a research grant goes horribly awry and the grant winner is the victim of a mysterious explosion.  Spider-Man finds Connors at the scene and attempts to help him deal with his demons.  Will human nature prevail or will the monsters rule?

Pros: Jenkins' crafts a decent psychological thriller, Rivera is a great new painter

Cons: Scott's art is overly stylized and somewhat inconsistent, Rivera's art couldn't save a weak story, Jenkins' should have upped the ante in terms of danger (the Lizard is a bloodthirsty killer after all)

Mike Tells It Straight: Jenkins tackles another Spider-Man staple villain and triumphs.  He adds a psychological twist to the Lizard bringing more depth to the character.  A good story and the art mostly keeps pace.  The final story was somewhat touching, but very obvious.

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